Design for the Real World

In the book “Design for the Real World”, Victor Papanek advocated sustainable and morally responsible design which fulfils its purpose in function for the needs of human beings. He believed in designing for mankind’s basic needs, particularly in the developing countries; he designed a radio receiver for the third world that only cost 9cents to manufacture. Yet looking at the contrast between his design philosophy and the way my family lives (I believe it always starts from the way we live); with three refrigerators filled with fresh, frozen, dried, bottled, canned food, and many other kitchen wares, I find the excessiveness of living in a first world. So I chose to document a portion of things that could be found in my kitchen for this poster. I want to express the irony of how I resonate with Victor Papanek, but I am unable to live sustainably and responsibly in this superfluous consumerist society.